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Moderator for Yezidi Community Social Media Platform


From home


43 w




Admin & Office


$10 Per Month

Company: Yezidi Community
Position Title: Social Media Moderator
Location: Remote
Type: Volunteer

About Yezidi Community:
Yezidi Community is a leading social media platform dedicated to connecting and empowering the global Yezidi community. We strive to provide a safe and respectful environment where members can communicate, share information, and support one another.

Job Description:
As a Social Media Moderator at Yezidi Community, you will play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and safety of our platform. You will be responsible for monitoring user-generated content, identifying and removing inappropriate content, and ensuring our community guidelines are upheld at all times.

Key Responsibilities:
Monitor user submissions to ensure they adhere to our community guidelines.
Quickly and effectively remove inappropriate content.
Communicate with users regarding moderation decisions when necessary.
Contribute to team meetings and provide feedback on potential improvements to the moderation process.

Excellent command of the English language.
Strong understanding and respect for the Yezidi community and its values.
Experience with social media and online moderation is a plus.
Ability to act impartially and professionally.
Strong communication skills.

What We Offer:
While this position is on a voluntary basis, we highly value the dedication and time of our moderators. As a token of appreciation, we offer our moderators the opportunity for a $10 gift monthly.

Interested? Send your CV and cover letter to [your email address]. We look forward to receiving your application!


Deze pagina is een platform voor Yezidi's van alle leeftijden en achtergronden om met elkaar te communiceren, ervaringen te delen en een hechtere band te ontwikkelen. Hier kunnen we verhalen delen over onze cultuur, tradities en geschiedenis, evenals belangrijke momenten en gebeurtenissen in ons leven. Laten we samen bouwen aan een warme en ondersteunende gemeenschap waarin we elkaar beter kunnen leren kennen, begrijpen en ondersteunen. Sluit je aan bij onze pagina en laten we samen de rijke diversiteit van de Yezidi-cultuur vieren terwijl we nieuwe vriendschappen en banden smeden in Nederland.